One of the best things to experience in life is love. To meet someone and instantly connect with them can truly feel so magical. It’s such a beautiful feeling to fall in love with someone and to be loved. We all want it, we all dream of it but is it easy to find? no. I don’t think many people understand how rare it is to be with someone who puts so much effort into making you happy and making you feel loved and appreciated. It does get taken for granted sometimes because you also have to understand that not everyone deserves you or your time. Don’t let anyone try to take advantage of you when all you’re trying to do is love and care for them. I know that everyone went through those relationships where you felt broken and hurt and not loved how you should’ve been loved. That doesn’t mean you’re hard to love or that you’re difficult you just haven’t met that right person yet. Love is one of the most wonderful things you could ever have in life and we should never give up on that. To love and to be loved is so special and to have someone that loves the same way that you love is so beautiful. You should have hope because there is someone out there waiting for you who will love you and make you feel so special and treat you like the princess that you truly are. I would also like to say is that having high standards does not make you a brat or make you ‘spoiled’ it means that you know your worth and you’re not gonna get involved with just anybody. He or she needs to acknowledge how amazing and incredible you are and you shouldn’t settle for anything else but that. They should be showering you with love, affection, support, positivity and happiness. Your partner should be your lover and your friend. You need someone that encourages you, that supports you, someone that brings out the better version of you and someone that can make your days feel brighter when they get dark. This is coming from a 19 year old girl with no relationship experience. I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve never even had a first kiss was it something I was ashamed of? no. You don’t have to start dating when you’re a teenager it’s okay to be grown and to not have had any experiences. I’m a late bloomer and it’s okay everyone has different experiences there are no rules to this I don’t know who I’ll be with in the future but I just know that I’ll meet the perfect man who will make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. Like the saying that everyone uses ‘all good things take time’ it’s true! so be patient don’t rush into anything and don’t force anything. Love has to feel natural and the energy needs to be reciprocated otherwise then you’re wasting your time over someone who doesn’t see how amazing you are. You’ll find your other half someday and you’re gonna be ready when that time comes. To quote one of my favorite youtubers ever Amber Scholl “there’s someone staring at the stars wishing for you too.” Someone will choose you and it’s gonna happen when you least expect it. You will find your home in someone and you will live happily ever after just like every good fairytale.

xoxo L💋

4 responses to “THIS IS YOUR FAIRYTALE”

  1. This is so beautifully written! I related with every word you have written. Love is so beautiful and so important in our lives, we just can’t live without it. Xx

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  2. what a lovely post! and yes to having high standards, no one is worth lowering your standards for. I travelled across the world to meet my soulmate!

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  3. I loved the read! I’ll be reading this blog every day as a lovely reminder, – I am too a late bloomer. I’m 17, I had no first kiss and haven’t been in a physical relationship. It’s nice to hear another person that can relate to me. ♡

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    1. I’m so happy this helped!! thank you so much and it’s okay be patient your time will come💕


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