New Year’s Resolutions

This crazy year is finally coming to an end, we all know how exhausting and draining it’s been but it’s that time we’re all looking forward to.. a fresh start. With everything that’s happened, it’s so important for us to stay hopeful and optimistic. It was very easy for us to give up and do nothing, so why not try and see what the other side looks like? You’ve seen the safe side and you’ve been comfortable for way too long it’s time. Set some new goals they don’t have to be so crazy you could make a goal to eat healthier and work out more and be more active with your body. Or you could make self love as a goal and that’s still huge! Maybe you’re applying for a college you’re trying to get into, or a job or an internship anything is possible remember that. Maybe you’ll find new love in the new year, if the past year hasn’t been your best when it came to dating then things could change for you in the upcoming year, you’ll meet someone perfect and you’ll be so grateful that you’ve been patient this whole time think about it, it will happen for you. If you come across a few obstacles here and there don’t worry about it, stay focused on your goals and know what you’re going after. Life has its ups and downs but it will all balance out, nothing stays bad forever, you will eventually be happy and be where you need to be. Remember that it’s okay, to not have it all together right this moment it’s been stressful and going into a new year can be scary but also exciting. We literally have no idea what’s coming, and so much can happen most of us didn’t know we’d make it this year but we did! and that’s still a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of. Set some goals for yourself, write them down and work towards them let’s pray that 2021 gets better for all of us it’s what we deserve! xoxo L

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