The obsession with ‘aesthetics’

Let’s talk about people’s recent obsession with aesthetics particularly this generation. I know how satisfying it is to have a matching feed that goes well with your profile and truly fits your persona but sometimes it could get a little too extreme. I think trying to fit into just one aesthetic seems impossible because we have so many things to like and so many interests!

Social media has played a huge role in encouraging the concept of different types of aesthetics. Platforms such as instagram, tik tok etc. have made it very hard for individuals to fit their style, interest and theme all into one category. So many people feel inspired seeing profiles that have an organized feed. I’m guilty of it too I find it so satisfying to have my insta feed match and I love scrolling through other profiles seeing their aesthetic layout!

I think a lot of people associate their aesthetics with whatever style is trending. They see a large amount of people dressing a certain way, switching the color scheme on their feed and start following the same steps. But what many people keep forgetting is that trends will always come and go. One minute maximalism is the trend, then the next trend will be more minimalistic and simple. Then there’s royal-core, cottage-core, e-girl, ethereal angel-core and the list goes on.

As much as I love seeing many diverse aesthetics and seeing so many people that share a similar taste in clothing, accessories, music, film etc. You shouldn’t have to dress a certain way just because it’s ‘trendy’ and then get sick of your style and try to switch to another aesthetic. Just wear what you like, and post what you’re into. Whether you’re posting outdoor pictures, or pictures of the cute pastries you enjoy getting or taking photographs of your pottery/ ceramic collection just design your profile as yourself! It’s so refreshing to see authentic artists/ creators just posting what they like as opposed to just posting what’s currently trending. A tip you should always remember is to stick to your own style. You don’t have to fit everything you love into one theme or ‘brand’. And you really don’t have to identify with a particular aesthetic.

xoxo, L 💋

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2 responses to “The obsession with ‘aesthetics’”

  1. i love having an aesthetic but it always varies a little and i love taking inspo from everywhere! i can’t stick to one thing!! i loved reading this babe!! 🤍🤍

    jessica |

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    1. Likewise and thank you so much angel!!💕

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