The fake ‘reality’ of social media: It’s not real.

So this has always been a trending topic and it’s a topic that has definitely affected so many women and young girls. Social media is fun to use, connect with people and make great content that lots of people will enjoy. But, of course there’s an ugly side to it. Not everything is perfect, there are always flaws but in social media however that’s not what’s presented in front of us. We’re given the perfect version of people’s lives, just judging based off of their profile. Then we start comparing ourselves and think to ourselves like wow this person’s my age and is doing way better and looks better than me right? WRONG.

It’s not real. Most of it isn’t real. Now I’m not saying some of these people you see online are not successful because a lot of them are. I just mean that some of them are not being completely honest about it. You see some people posing in front of a mansion, or a fancy car and then you think to yourself and get upset over the fact that you don’t have it. Comparison is what’s destroying lots of people’s self esteem, and makes them question their self worth. And, so many people compare themselves and their lives to all these celebrities and influencers they see on social media. Who wear the best clothes, have the best cars, take flights to so many different places. Everything feels competitive in a way, and somehow we often feel like we’re behind in life because of social media. We start feeling insecure and discouraged because we don’t have all the nice things we see online. But we’re not behind in our lives, we’re not failures. We just get a glimpse of some people’s lives online but that doesn’t mean that theirs is perfect. They obviously won’t share the difficult parts or their struggles. They’ll just show you the pretty side.

Another issue that’s affected so many women in terms of their looks are the filters. For instance, people photoshopping their bodies, their faces, making their skin look smoother. It’s crazy seeing how many women now feel the need to photoshop their pictures just to receive validation from complete strangers. It’s also sad because there’s nothing wrong with the way they look. It’s natural, it’s beautiful. It’s not okay seeing girls struggling with their image and have it destroy their mental health because they don’t have ‘smooth skin’ or ‘nice eyebrows’ or because they have cellulite. It’s all normal. Having textured skin is normal, acne, and even having stretch marks is normal. And all of these instagram models you see make a living off of making their entire image look perfect so it’s literally their job to look perfect all the time. That’s what they’re supposed to do, but you shouldn’t let any of that affect you because you’re already beautiful without even trying.

Your hair doesn’t always have to be done, and your style is what defines you. You’re not supposed to be a replica of somebody else. And I know we all wish to have our flaws airbrushed but that doesn’t exist in real life. Our flaws make us special, they don’t make us ugly. And just because someone’s life looks perfect visually doesn’t always mean it is. Remember that you’re not being slow or behind in your life and you shouldn’t be rushed into anything. Everyone loves sharing their wins but they don’t always share what it takes to get there.

xoxo, L 💋

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