Pretty angels love rare beauty

I’ve been a Selena Gomez fan for as long as I remember and I’ve always been obsessed with everything she’s ever done/ released and with her makeup line I’m now even more obsessed than I ever was. It’s no surprise that Rare beauty is so successful, seeing as how the products are almost always out of stock because of the constant praise and positive reviews it’s been receiving. As it should! There are products from this brand that I simply cannot live without just because of how incredible they are and how unique they feel as well. This brand has actually been so helpful especially to the girls who are beginners when it comes to makeup because it’s simple, it’s perfect for the girls who love a natural and effortless look. In other words, it’s perfect for angelic and divine beings such as ourselves. This brand has so many lovely products that I absolutely adore and can’t get enough of, especially their face products they are just too good!

1. positive light tinted moisturizer with spf

One of my favorite products that I always recommend for anyone who does not like wearing foundation and wants something that’s light is tinted moisturizer. This one precisely does not feel heavy and gives you a natural and subtle look. It’s buildable as well, if you are someone who likes more of a full coverage. It’s such a good product that really gives your skin a beautiful glow. And who doesn’t love a good dewy and soft look right?

2. Soft pinch liquid blush

Another one of my favorite products and everyone else’s favorite product I’m sure is the soft pinch liquid blush. This product went viral on social media and everyone went crazy over it, not surprising it’s honestly so worth it. It took me a while to purchase the shades I wanted mainly because this is one of their bestsellers and the best is always sold out. My personal favorite shades are bliss, joy and happy but all of their shades are so pretty and really pigmented so a little does go a long away with this blush. Rare beauty really won with this product I can’t get enough of it, I love using it even when I’m not wearing makeup it just instantly makes my face look so much better and I will always repurchase this blush.

3. Liquid touch weightless foundation

This was one of my first purchases from rare beauty along with their liquid touch brightening concealer and I’m a big fan of it even though I don’t really wear foundation. This foundation does live up to its name, i love how light it feels, the coverage is also really good and you could always add a bit more. I usually blend it with a beauty blender but I recently got their foundation brush and I’m obsessed with how it blends my foundation so smoothly! I’m sure many of you have seen the influencers on youtube and instagram try out this specific foundation using only one dot to show it looks and it passes the test!

4. Liquid touch brightening concealer

On to the makeup product I cannot live without… concealer! I’m very picky when it comes to using different concealers because I feel like they shape the face, they brighten the face and they are a staple in a makeup routine. And this concealer specifically really did the job for me. I love the consistency, the coverage, I love how it makes my blemishes disappear, and I also really love how it doesn’t dry my under eyes. I love how it still gives me the coverage that I need but still giving me a natural dewy look that feels light.

5. Always an optimist pore diffusing primer

Prepping my skin is such an important step before going in with makeup. I love my main focus to be my skin and having it look as radiant and glowy as possible. And to achieve that look, primer is an essential. Finding the right primer isn’t easy but with the always an optimist pore diffusing primer your problems will be solved. Hello pores? Gone! it’s a game changer and to all my oily skin angels this is a lifesaver!

6. Warm wishes effortless bronzer stick

Now this is a product that doesn’t get enough praise. The description of this product really speaks for itself like it really “melts into the skin.” It’s such a beautiful product that really blends in with the skin, it’s really soft and creamy. They’re really easy to use for contour and I definitely recommend this bronzer stick it’s a 10/10.

7. Perfect strokes universal volumizing mascara

I have a hard time trusting any mascara mainly because I have straight lashes but this one in particular… did not disappoint! This mascara made my lashes look so much fuller and not clumpy at all. I do feel like this mascara really emphasizes the length of my lashes and I love how natural how lashes look.

8. Kind words matte lipliner and lipstick

Last but definitely not least the kind words matte liner and lipstick, as someone who really loves creating different lip combinations I was so excited to purchase these. First of all, I’m in love with all of the shades they are so so pretty, the packaging is gorgeous and I love mixing and matching the lip liners with the lipsticks. I also love mixing the lip liners with the lip soufflé another great product from the brand. And creating a lip combination that includes the lip liners with the stay vulnerable glossy lip balms.

Overall, rare beauty is such an incredible inclusive brand that has a range of great products in so many different shades. Selena is brilliant and did an amazing job creating a makeup line that really sends a good message about the true meaning of beauty which is being rare. I really love the message this brand sends with the way the makeup products are being used. It shows how makeup should be used in a way to enhance our features and not transform or disguise them. Rare beauty is about embracing your unique features and learning to love your insecurities and that is such a beautiful message.

xoxo, L 💋

Being rare is about being comfortable with yourself… just want to be me. – Selena Gomez

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