The lack of individuality in our society today: the obsession with looking the same as everyone else

For a while now, I’ve been seeing all over social media the rise of facial alterations and style changes. Although fashion trends come and go, what’s happening to a lot of young women right now is quite concerning. Seeing so many of them going through an issue like this is so upsetting. And why is it upsetting you might be thinking? it’s because many of them are trying to keep up with what’s trending. Like this trend of getting your face fat removed, this buccal fat removal surgery is alarming. Now I won’t lie and say that the models and the celebrities who have done this procedure look bad because it did look good on them but the issue is that these girls are too young to be doing all of these unnecessary surgeries. And they have not processed the thought that naturally as you grow you lose some of the fat on your face, so to remove it when you’re still a young woman in your 20s is very strange.

This isn’t an attack to all of those who have done it, but this is for those who are having thoughts about doing all of these facial reconstruction surgeries. You might feel the need to do all of this to be seen as attractive and feel accepted when in reality you’re just following a toxic example of imitating what is considered beautiful for now and not staying true to who you are. This is not to shade those who have done any cosmetic surgeries to perhaps improve their self esteem, but this is for those who are getting these surgeries done to look exactly like these models and celebrities. Now we all know that trends come and go, but the ongoing trend that’s currently happening with everyone having the same look, the same style, the same mannerisms is alarming. What ever happened to being unique and embracing the fact that you stand out instead of trying to copy every single look out there and try to categorize yourself into an aesthetic. It’s all just very strange and unnatural. And it’s setting an unhealthy example of the way young women perceive themselves. It makes them feel like them just being themselves isn’t good enough and that eventually you have to conform to what’s being shown and being celebrated instead of celebrating yourself and your own unique features.

As much as I love fashion and I love seeing watching people have their own unique sense of style, and dress up in so many different ways it’s become very uncommon to see different looks. The same style and look is being repeated and then a new one comes out and becomes repetitive and a lot of the people who spend the majority of their time online seeing all of these trends are driven into overconsumption because of it. They’re trying to keep up with these trends because it seems like every week there’s a new style or look to follow. They follow all of these influencers, and follow their content hoping that it could help improve their self image, their style etc. when most of these influencers usually do what works for them and that does not always apply to everyone. Like the shaved eyebrows look or the thin eyebrows, that does not always work out for everyone. Mainly for the fact, it’s not really low maintenance if you have to draw on your eyebrows before you go out each time and thin eyebrows usually look good with specific eye shapes. So for some people thin eyebrows looks really good and for some it doesn’t. Does that mean you’re ugly if you don’t have thin eyebrows? Absolutely not. That doesn’t just apply in makeup but also for hair. Everything should revolve around what looks good with your own unique features. That goes with hair, makeup, your outfits and the colors you frequently wear etc. you really don’t have to always wear what’s trending, it’s literally not a crime to just wear what you like and not overindulge in what any of these celebrities or influencers really do with their appearance. A lot of them have the resources to modify their faces and bodies however they like not considering how damaging it is, not just for their bodies but also for their self esteem. We’re always being told to look a certain way and not really embrace the unique parts of ourselves. It’s like people now are trying to erase what makes them distinctive and special. Removing what makes them different and what makes them stand out and feel like they need to look exactly like everyone else to feel more included. And that is what needs to change, too many young women are following the wrong examples of what it means to be beautiful when there is no real definition for it. Embrace your unique features, your unique sense of style no matter how different it may be. You don’t have to follow all of these unnecessary trends if they’re not flattering for your personal taste. As long as you stay true to who you really you are you’re more beautiful than you think.

xoxo, L💋


I feel confident and beautiful in my body.

What makes me unique is what makes me special.

I am content with myself.

I am comfortable in my own skin

My beauty is one of a kind.

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