Time is moving but so are you: reasons to keep going and not waste your potential

I think we’ve all had our fears of not achieving our goals by a certain age. When we’re young we tend to plan out our lives and hope they turn out they way we expect them to be. And while yes it is important to have structure in our lives, in case we ever feel like we’re lost we can’t help but feel disappointed when we don’t meet our goals at the time we’re expected to achieve them. It’s very common especially with young adults because you see your friends, people you went to school with, your family members all have achieved their goals. Whether it’s getting their dream jobs, owning their first house or having their own family you still get the feeling that you might have taken the wrong direction or you feel like you’re not doing enough so you quit. It’s normal, it happens to lots of people. Fear starts to take over and then you start to play it safe because you feel like you’re running out of time. But, you’re not. You’re not on anyone’s time but your own so what are you so stressed out for? You think it’s too late for you? You think just because you’re getting older that means you should stop trying? You think that it’s time for you to settle for something less than what you’ve always dreamed of? You don’t feel like you deserve success? Absolutely not.

It seems like at this day and age comparing people based on what they’ve achieved at a certain age has become such a normal thing that we don’t even realize how it affects others. Some people might not care or pay attention to it but there are people who will feel like they’ve failed in life. And that’s the real issue, most of us don’t know how long it took or how hard it was for the people who’ve achieved success. Sometimes you feel like you’re not doing enough, and sometimes you feel like you’re doing too much but still didn’t see the results you wanted to see right? It’s okay, it happens you’re not alone in that. But, here’s what you need to take in, the sooner we understand that all of our timings in our journeys are different the more we’ll all be at ease. It might bring us down whenever we see someone that’s accomplished so much at our age. But, we shouldn’t forget that we will have our moments too. Just at a different time. It also shouldn’t take away from the things you’ve already done. Even if you consider them as small wins, they are still your achievements. I was never fond of the idea of only enjoying success when it’s achieved at a young age. So what if you’ve made it at an older age? You still made it, that’s a big deal. Your timing is different and that’s okay. Don’t let it take away the joy from celebrating your accomplishments. I also never really thought or believed that we have to be competitive with other people. I’ve always felt like any type of success or achievement is a big deal no matter how big or small. I never felt the need to minimize myself after seeing other people win because I’m a winner too and so are you.


Your potential is still there, you still have your special gifts. Greatness isn’t attached to a specific age, you can be great no matter where you are in life. Don’t feel like you’re behind or it’s too late for you. You have time, don’t quit on yourself because of your age or the time you think you’ve wasted. You have so much potential, that it would be so tragic for it all to go to waste. You have the abilities and you’re capable of conquering so much more than what your mind is telling you. Don’t fall for those doubts and second guesses, you deserve to win, it’s all in you. You’re not behind in anything. Relax, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You’re on no one’s journey but your own. Please live your life the way you want to. Don’t let someone else’s idea of success make you feel like you’re a failure or that it will never work out for you. Your journey may look different to everyone else’s, but it’s yours. You will get there. It will happen for you.

xoxo, L 💋


I will remain focused on my goals even if i have a moment of difficulty. I will not give up. I know success comes with consistency, i know that i will make it. Things will get better. No problem or challenge will stop me. Everything i deserve and desire is coming my way.

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One response to “Time is moving but so are you: reasons to keep going and not waste your potential”

  1. Glad you’re back angelic Lola, I have missed your blogs. Thank you for writing this specific one for us, it resonates with my life at the moment. I will try to take your advice to install confidence within. X

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