It’s okay that you’re still not there yet

This year is coming to an end and I know that so many of us have been feeling so overwhelmed and have had a difficult time when it comes to making time for ourselves. Even the thought of doing tasks when it comes to taking care of ourselves feels exhausting because of the stress from working or studying. These past couple of months have been extremely overwhelming. It just feels like everyone is trying to get their life in order and wants to feel like they have it all figured out but it’s rushed and it doesn’t go according to their plan and then they get disappointed because it didn’t turn out the way they expected it to. I’m quite familiar with that feeling because I tend to procrastinate, not sometimes but most of the time and it’s exhausting. I don’t feel great about it but I’m still working on improving it, to make things a lot easier for myself and my life and to not add more stress and pressure because nobody should ever have to feel like that.

So, this year’s almost over and some of us still haven’t accomplished the goals or the resolutions we’ve set for ourselves. And now we’re entering a new year and we’re nervous about whether we’ll “make it” because we still didn’t check off some of our old goals. Don’t worry, everyone gets that feeling. The feeling that because you couldn’t achieve your previous goals, that the new goals you’ve made for yourself are bound to fail just because you feel like you’re not capable of achieving them. Well, you’re wrong. You’re not capable. You’re more than capable of achieving your goals. Many people often focus on the results but not what it takes to get there. You have to learn to enjoy the process, and enjoy the lessons that are being given to you in life.

Big changes are unpredictable, they could take a long time and they could appear unexpectedly. Life is strange like that but what’s important is what you’re doing to make a change in your life. Maybe it sounds silly to some people but even small changes can change your life drastically. Taking it day by day, working and creating at your own pace leads to prosperity and success. Nobody talks about their failures, nobody posts about it. Nobody tells you how long it really took them to get to where they are. Good things take time. And some times they take a lot longer than you think. The problem is that people are always in such a rush. Somehow people still feel like if they haven’t accomplished their goals in a short amount of time, it means that they’ve failed. Don’t feed your mind with these negative thoughts because no one else is thinking those thoughts but you. You can’t keep stressing yourself because you’ll be turning whatever age you will be turning and think that you’re not accomplished. Because you may not see it, but you have something others don’t have you just might not realize it now. But at some point you’ll start to notice it. It’s completely normal to still feel lost, it’s absolutely okay that you’re not sure where you’re heading. It’s fine that your goals have changed. We are constantly evolving and we’re constantly making changes in ourselves and in our lives and we should not be in any rush when it comes to that. So, when you are making your new year’s resolutions and writing down everything you plan on improving and achieving make sure to remind yourself that you should be enjoying it. Prioritize your happiness, try to find new hobbies and try new things, you might surprise yourself with skills you never even knew you were able to do. The main thing is to cherish the present. I know it’s exciting to think about the results and the outcomes but enjoying the process is what truly matters.

xoxo, L 💋


I have what it takes to succeed.

Some things take time, and that’s okay.

I believe in myself and in my abilities.

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